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Backflow Prevention

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Keep Your Water Meter Clear

Please make sure your water meter is clear of debris and/or vegetation. Do not pile dirt, plant landscaping, or place pots or lawn ornaments on top of the meter box.

Suspect a leak or can’t find your meter? Call the office at 303-530-4200 for assistance.

Shutting Your Water Off

Need to shut the water off at your home or business? Here are a few tips:

Do not access the meter box to shut off water. Call the office at 303-530-4200 for assistance.


Need your water turned off frequently? Consider installing a shut off valve after the District water meter. Then you can shut the water off yourself. No need to call ahead or wait.


Call two days in advance; we will schedule someone to come out and turn your water off at no charge.

Have an emergency?

We are here to help. Call the office at 303-530-4200, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. For after-hours emergencies, call  303-530-4200 and follow prompts.

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