What chemicals do you put in the water?

During the treatment process aluminum sulfate (alum) and polymer are added to the untreated water. These chemicals bind with foreign matter such as dirt particles and form into large clumps that are removed during the sedimentation and filtration portion of the treatment. After filtration, fluoride is added as needed to achieve fluoridation requirements set by the State Health Department. Soda ash or caustic soda is added for pH adjustment to protect the pipes from corrosion. Finally, chlorine is added as a disinfectant to protect the drinking water from potentially harmful microscopic organisms. All chemicals that are added are certified food grade (safe for use in foods).

Effective filtration also helps remove both parasites. This is part of the federal Government’s Surface Water Treatment Rule (SWTR). We are required to add a certain amount of disinfectant for a specific amount of time to satisfy this requirement.

Left Hand Water District