Sprinkler Programming

Adjust for weather conditions

May and September will require different amounts of supplemental irrigation than July. You will need to make adjustments as the weather changes, or at least monthly, to take into consideration wetter or hotter periods. All controllers are required to have a rain sensor, too, so they turn off when Mother Nature takes over. HINT: Many controllers allow you to change the PERCENTAGE of the amount watering.

Program for cycle and soak

Divide the total watering times into shorter periods with time for the water to soak into the ground. This will create healthier plant with deeper roots. HINT: Schedule one cycle per zone before scheduling the next cycle. Do not set one cycle in the morning and one in the evening for the same zone as this is ineffective. See how to program for Cycle and Soak.

Determine how much to water

Since different sprinkler types apply water at different rates, determining how many minutes to program into your controller takes some calculation. HINT: It is better to program for less water and let your lawn tell you if it needs more water.

Insert a smart controller

For efficient irrigation use, Left Hand Water District suggests using a smart irrigation controller – and we have a rebates if you choose to purchase one. This type of timer has built-in water saving features including a sensor to adjust for the optimal sprinkler time based on local weather conditions.   HINT: Get a wireless model which has an app to adjust your controller.

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