Pressure Fluctuations

If you find the water pressure in your house fluctuating, you should think about the amount of water you’re using at once. For example, if the water pressure fluctuates because you’re doing dishes while someone is showering, you might not actually have a low water pressure problem. Instead, the water usage for your water line is just higher than normal at the time.

If that’s not the case consider contacting a licensed plumber to assess the problem. Fluctuations in water pressure could be caused by:


A faulty pressure regulating valve

Clogged or old pipes

Air trapped in your pipes

When you hire a plumber to diagnose the issue, the plumber should be able to tell you why the water pressure in your home is fluctuating and what needs to be done to fix it.

If there’s a sudden drop in water pressure in your entire home there may be a main water break close to your home that needs to be fixed. Check the main page of our website to see if there is a break or construction activity nearby.

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