My Utility Bill

How are water rates determined?

Water rates are set annually at the Rate Hearing held at the November Regular Board meeting. The District uses an American Water Works Association rate model to calculate rates based on historical average usage, current and projected costs of operations, annual debt payments, and reserve needs.

Where do I find information about reading my bill?

See our Understanding Your Bill page for details on how to read your water bill.

Why is my bill so high this month?

When water usage is higher than usual, we typically find the water has been used on the property, but in a way that was not expected. Possible causes could include poorly adjusted sprinkler systems, over irrigation due to missing or broken sprinkler heads, a hose being left on by mistake, a leaking toilet or faucet, extra house guests, or other causes. See our Leaks page for information on identifying leaks. Since outdoor irrigation can account for half or more of a household’s water use, the greatest savings are often found by improving lawn watering practices and reducing irrigated areas. See our Water Conservation page for information on free (for Residential customers) sprinkler check-ups.

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