Cycle and Soak

Colorado’s clay soils can only absorb a limited amount of water at one time. Cycle irrigation reduces runoff and allows more water to be absorbed, resulting in deeper root growth and more drought-tolerant lawns. To program Cycle & Soak, take the total time for each zone and divide it into multiple cycles. For example, instead of watering a single zone for 15 minutes, set your sprinklers to water three times at 5 minutes. As a general rule, 30 minutes is all you need to wait between cycles.  Cycle and soak not only eliminates runoff, it provides more water to the roots. The first cycle will break the surface tension of the soil and allow the water to penetrate. The second cycle is absorbed even further into the soil, reaching the roots. The third cycle allows additional absorption, filling the root zone, and promoting a healthier landscape. For sloped areas, additional cycles may be beneficial.
Left Hand Water District