New Water Service (Tap) Connection

Requirements for New Connections to
Left Hand Water District

When planning and permitting new construction within the District, town or county reviewing agencies may require the applicant to show that the District has the ability to serve the property with water. In order to receive a letter confirming the “Ability to Serve” by the District, you may request a County Referral at this stage. If you are developing a site that is already served by our meter(s) you may call the office and request a Will Serve Letter free of charge.

To obtain a new or upgraded tap or taps you must submit a Tap Availability Review Request Form along with the required fees, plans and legal description. If the request is for a commercial business or irrigation tap, the applicant must also fill out a Commercial Supplemental Form which assists the District in estimating the demand the tap will have on our system. District staff review all new requests for service and upgrades and provide a response that includes the procedure for obtaining service, an estimate of the costs to provide service, and any off-site improvements that may be necessary to serve the development.

Please note, fees associated with these services are due at the time of the request. See the District’s Rates & Fees page for the current fee schedule.

The District’s Board of Directors is the ultimate approval authority for all new taps. When ready, the Board reviews these taps during their regular monthly meetings normally held on the third Thursday of each month.

For properties outside the District, fee estimates, Subdivisions, multi-family developments, special circumstances and general questions please call the main office line and ask for someone in the Engineering department.

Left Hand Water District