Fire Hydrants & Fire Flow Estimates

Fire Hydrant Meter Rental

Anyone needing to take water from any fire hydrant within the District’s boundaries is required to rent a hydrant meter from the District, or to use their own hydrant meter or “load count” upon approval of the District. Proof of Liability Insurance in excess of $150,000 per individual and $600,000 per occurrence is required.

All meters are rented on a first come, first served basis. To rent a meter, please call 303-530-4200 to see if a meter is available before you come to the office. Completion of a Fire Hydrant Meter Rental Agreement and separate payments for a damage deposit and a service fee are required. The form includes information on the rental fee, late fees and the cost of water usage. Download and complete the form prior to coming to our office to rent a meter.

Anyone caught using a District fire hydrant without approval is subject to a substantial fine as outlined in our Miscellaneous Fee Schedule. Hydrant meters will be used only at hydrants designated by the District. Hydrant meters will not be removed from the District’s service area and must be available for meter reading and inspection by District personnel at the designated hydrant location, or returned to the District office.

Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant Flow Data, System Pressure, & Hydraulic Modeling

Engineering operates and maintains an updated WaterCAD model for our water distribution network. We are able to provide estimated pressures and flows through this model. If you need estimated pressures please give us a call. If it is necessary for a builder to provide the available fire flow information to the local planning or fire protection agencies, or in order to design a sprinkler system, it is possible to make a request for that information from the District by submitting a Request for Estimated Fire Flow Information Form. If sufficient current data exists to estimate the probable flows without a field test, this information will be provided to the applicant and the governing fire authority. If an adequate estimate of flows cannot be made, the applicant will be informed that a flow test will be necessary. The District will schedule flow tests after the applicant has submitted a Fire Flow Field Test Request Form. Flow tests are performed by governing fire protection district personnel, or by a qualified representative acceptable to both the District and fire districts. To ensure that the system is not operated in a manner that will endanger the water system or its customers, a District employee must be present to operate the hydrants and supervise the procedure. An hourly fee, payable in advance, will be charged by Left Hand Water District for a flow test. 

Fire Hydrant Installation

Most fire hydrants within the District are installed by developers as part of new subdivision construction. The District does not install fire hydrants except as part of a main line construction project where they are utilized to facilitate the testing and flushing of the new line. Occasionally individuals will want to have a hydrant installed at a specific location. In order to request that a fire hydrant be installed the applicant must submit a Fire Hydrant Installation Review Request Form and the associated fees. The hydrant, if approved, must be installed by a contractor on the District’s Qualified Contractors List. All associated costs are at the expense of the Applicant, and the Applicant must engage the contractor’s services and pay the contractor directly. There is a one-time inspection/maintenance fee per hydrant payable to the District in advance of the installation.

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