Water Conservation Plan

The mission of the Left Hand Water District (LHWD) is to provide safe and reliable water to their customers in an economical, efficient and responsible manner now and in the future. Water conservation plays a key role in meeting these water resource planning goals and can provide many benefits toward maintaining supply, infrastructure upgrades and customer satisfaction. In addition, high growth rates on the northern Colorado Front Range are creating more competition for existing water sources and an increased expectation of environmental sustainability.

To meet this water conservation challenge, LHWD developed a Municipal Water Efficiency Plan in accordance with the Water Conservation Act of 2004 and to meet the provisions of Colorado Revised Statute section 37-60-126. The Plan is updated periodically as required by statute.

Left Hand Water District (the District) has completed a draft Water Efficiency Plan Update (Plan Update) which was submitted to the District’s Board of Directors at their regular meeting on March 16, 2023. The Plan Update is designed to promote the efficient consumption of water by all residents, businesses and local governments. The goal of the Plan Update is to encourage more beneficial use of our water resources and ensure adequate water supply in the future. 

Subsequent to a public comment period that ended on June 13, 2023, the District’s Board of Directors adopted the Plan Update at their regular meeting on June 15, 2023. A copy of the Plan Update is available here and is also available for public inspection at 6800 Nimbus Road, Longmont, Colorado 80503 from 8:30am-4:30pm Monday through Friday with the exception of holidays. 

Left Hand Water District