Drought Contingency Plan

The District has adopted a Drought Contingency Plan for the purpose of ensuring an adequate supply for the tapholders of the District. The Plan outlines different categories of use, stages of drought and the drought response triggers that are evaluated in late April to early May.

The Left Hand Water District’s Drought Contingency Plan outlines four stages of water shortage conditions, and criteria to be used to determine the severity of potential shortage in the system. If on May 1st of the year the annual projected supply available to the District through the March 31st of the following year is less than 120% of the anticipated annual demand, the Plan calls for various levels of response to water conservation by our tapholders.

April, 2023: The Left Hand Water District Board of Directors has determined, based on analysis of current supplies and anticipated demand, there is no need to declare a water shortage for the 2023 water season or to activate any of the four levels of the Drought Contingency Plan. The District continues to ask for voluntary conservation activities consistent with the District’s Municipal Water Efficiency Plan.

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