Understanding Your Bill

How to read your Left Hand Water District Bill

This statement has been designed to provide you with information and help you understand the charges on your bill. Your water bill can be one of your best conservation tools—knowing how to read your water bill can help you understand consumption, detect possible leaks, and save money.

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Understand Your Bill
Your LHWD Account NumberTotal Balance Due and Due DateWater UsageMeter Reading DetailsDetail of billed amountsOne year historical usageStub to detach and return with payment.Bill Detail

Your LHWD Account Number

Total Balance Due and Due Date

Water Usage

For the current month, and the usage for the same month last year.

Meter Reading Details

Date your water was read last month and the reading at that time; the date your meter was read this month and the new reading; and the number of days between the two reads.

Detail of billed amounts

by usage tier

One year historical usage

Stub to detach and return with payment.

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Bill Detail

Previous balance, payments received, and new charges for this month

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