Rates and Fees

Utility Water Rates

Water rates are billed in two types of charges:

WATER BASIC FEE, which is a set amount per month based on meter sized and is billed regardless of usage; and
WATER USAGE, which is the charge calculated on the amount of water used each month, based on Customer Class and usage tier as applicable.

Effective February 1, 2024

Water Basic Fees by Meter Size

Water Usage Fees by Customer Class

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Other Fees

Utility Billing Services

Account Activation Fee$25 each
Meter Test (Lab Tested)$100 each
Reconnect Fee – Shut off for Non-Payment$50 Each
Reconnection/Inspection$60 each
Leak Credit (minimum charge)$4.85/1,000 gallons
Illegal Use of Facilities$150 each
Returned Bank Item$25 each
Service Call$80/hour
Regulator Adjustment$80 each
Meter Tampering Fine$150 each
Illegal Meter Reconnect after Shut Off for Non-Payment$150 each
Foreclosure Inspection Connection$60 each (available if acct balance is current)
Lien Release Admin Fee$100 each
Credit Card Convenience Fee (not applicable to utility payments, maximum charge allowed $3,000)2.0%
CORA – Document Printing$0.25/pg
CORA – Document Prep$33.58/hr after the 1st hour

Tap Request Services

Residential: min.– 5/8″ 1-2 tap equivalents (T.E.)$150 non-refundable
Residential: 3 – 74 T.E.$60/T.E.
Residential: 75 or more T.E.$4,500 maximum – subject to additional fees based on actual Engineering
Change in Use - Existing Commercial$150
Fire Hydrant Review$200/hydrant

Engineering Services

Hydrant Meter Administrative Fee$50 minimum
Hydrant Meter Usage Deposit$1,500 w/ meter rental only
Hydrant Meter Administrative Fee$50 administrative fee paid w/own meter (subject to approval)
Hydrant Meter Usage Fee$10.00 /1,000 gallons
Hydrant Meter Rental$5/day
Hydrant Flow Test$80 minimum
Fire Hydrant Fund$1,200 inspection/maintenance
Commercial/Landscape Excessive Usage Surcharge$750/acre-foot of excess usage
Inspections$450 base
Inspections – Additional$1.00 per linear foot of waterline
Inclusion/Exclusion$1,200 each

Labor/Engineering Charge Rates

One Technician and Truck (Pickup)$100/hour
One Technician and Service Truck$150/hour
One Operator and Heavy Equipment$200/hour
Two Technicians and Service Truck$230/hour
Additional Technician$80/hour
Inventory Parts Soldat District cost
Left Hand Water District